About Us

The Art of Flavor at Your Fingertips

The RecipesCenter platform was created by Harper Brown an experienced personal chef devoted to perfecting the balance of flavors and pushing culinary boundaries. His expertise spans small lavish dinner parties to massive hotel banquets reaching thousands. Guiding fellow food enthusiasts to unlock their flavor potential at any event scale or individual meal through the democratization of cooking knowledge is his true passion.

Chef Harper carries a deep fascination with cuisine diversity ever since childhood whipping up baked goods with his grandmother. That initial education on flavors later blossomed during his formal Pa culinary training combined with mentorship scholarships under Michelin star chefs at the Ritz Paris.

Later on, Harper launched RecipesCenter – an accessible vault of techniques and recipes ranging from five-star caliber to simplified weeknight versions of global cuisine gems. He walks home cooks through achievable preparation methods, ingredient sourcing, necessary equipment, and foolproof substitutions.

When not cooking up a storm, Harper enjoys relaxing Canadian life with his girlfriend whether hiking gorgeous provincial parks, curling up by the fireplace with her dogs, or exploring their latest favorite farmer’s market finds together to incorporate into upcoming recipes.

As Harper always reinforces: spectacular flavors should be accessible anywhere, whether cooking from a cutting-edge kitchen like his or your average family home. RecipesCentre removes limitations so anyone passionate about food can experience five-star cuisine personalized to how they cook best. Join the global flavor revolution today!